Bull riders for Jesus


I wish Craig Childs had attended Cowboy Church during his PBR bull riding experience in Billings (HCN, 5/25/09). He might have had a different perspective in his article concerning the "wild life" of bull riders. They are all not drinkers and carousers as implied in his article.

Cowboy Church is organized and attended by many of the PBR bull riders. The article might have had a different tone if he had bowed his head and prayed with these men and their families, and listened to their testimonies of faith. The sport is truly life or death, and the bull riders know it.

I have attended the PBR World Finals and many other PBR events for 10 years. The cowboys at the World Finals Fan Zone (the morning after competition) are all sharply dressed, articulate, mannerly, and lots of fun. I have never seen a PBR bull rider at the Fan Zone that looked like he had been up all night partying!

With many thousands of dollars at stake at each event, it is hard to imagine a bull rider out partying till dawn. These guys are professional athletes with families to support. Because the sport has grown in popularity so fast, it is now big business, and worthy of the focus and commitment the PBR bull riders afford it.
Patty Russell
Mancos, Colorado

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