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A Purpose-Driven Life

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The excerpt from Lisa Jones' book Broken is a story with a lot of pathos, a very human look at a world that most of us have little understanding of (HCN, 4/27/09). Lisa’s appreciation for the Arapaho culture and her openness to the values and rhythms of life of Daniel and his peers allows us to get close to the boys and their mentor as well. At the same time, the piece gives us a sense of the land and the traditions developed on that land. Stanford Addison clearly doesn't bother himself with the many hardships he could complain about, but rather exemplifies making the best of the hand he's been dealt, a lesson we all need to remember. It would be easy to get caught up in judgments of one kind or another, but I couldn't help feeling an admiration for Stanford’s focused life, his sense of purpose, and his service to a much wider community than the immediate clan he works with on a daily basis.

Avram Chetron
Ashland, Oregon

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