A mean lean -- to the left


As one of your Republican subscribers, I must take issue with your Dec. 22 cover illustration and the strong general tone of the editorial content therein (HCN, 12/22/08). If broader reach and credibility are your goals, you need to curb your frothing hatred of George W. Bush, which sometimes gets in the way of straightforward, fair and honest reporting.

For example, the article "Not So Dead On Arrival" seems to make the point that the Bush administration has done well by managing to keep the Clinton Roadless Rule intact -- whether intentionally or not.

The fact of the matter is, energy independence is a major national priority -- and that is what drives the energy rigs all over the West, not a willful, personal administration disregard for the West's treasures. There has been tremendous pressure on the administration from other segments of the public to address that issue. Unfortunately, the solution to one national need clashes with the need to protect those treasures -- and only by raising the alarm bells, as thoroughly and credibly and loudly as you can across political lines, will the protection voice be heard and ways be found to help the nation solve one crisis without creating another.

I really appreciate your in-depth coverage of issues like water management, which are critical to our future in the West. Just be careful you don't let your political leanings get in the way of all the good work you do.

John Krizek
Prescott, Arizona

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