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The only reason that cattle and sheep producers can really use to justify their position –– that the only good wolf is a dead one –– is that the wolf and other large predators endanger a traditional way of life in the West (HCN, 11/10/08). The actual contribution of the Rocky Mountain area to national meat production is small and most of that production depends on using federal land for seasonal grazing. The stockmen's position is one of blocking efforts to restore the ecological integrity that they helped to destroy. Their tradition depends on continued subsidies in the form of extremely low grazing fees and lax enforcement of range management by government agencies. They are not independent –– they are dependent on being able to "cry wolf" and have the majority of the public feel sorry for them. The picture of the woman holding the large pup was a nice touch and much appreciated by the stockmen, I'll bet.

Richard Peterson
Wewela, South Dakota

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