Future carnage


The toll that humans take on the rest of the planet has bothered me for quite some time (hcn, 10/13/08). I am 50 years old and remember an article in my weekly reader in about third grade (circa 1967) about the population explosion. It troubled me enough then and since that i decided not to procreate.

Non-procreation is the only solution, and it never fails to baffle me how "politically/environmentally correct" young couples walk around these days with two or three little ones in tow. Recycling ain't gonna fix the problem, people, and neither are dreadlocks. The "my children can/will make a difference" argument is absurd. How many people (including individuals such as einstein, bach, mohammed) have given birth already, and has that made a bit of difference? And who cares if there is no one to take care of you in your old age? Do as the navajo do, and drag your ass out of the hogan when it is time.

A decent picture of the average (american) person's view of the roadkill debacle is the number of idiots you see wearing those senseless/tasteless "roadkill cafe" t-shirts. I am not naive enough to believe that humans will stop reproducing, so i have resigned myself to the ever more ugly future that awaits us all.

Fred Wyman

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