Dear friends


Kirk Crawford, of nearby Crawford, dropped by during a hike of the Continental Divide Trail. He had one message to share: STOP. As in Stop Trashing Our Planet, Start Telling Our Politicians, and Start Thinking Of Peace. Good thoughts, Kirk.

Judy Muller, an associate journalism professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, came in to chat with us. She's gathering material for a book on small-town newspapers.

From River Falls, Wis., came Heather Reed and David Pepi, with young daughter Calyx Reed in tow. She had a simple request  -- she wanted to see her name in print. That'll be 50 cents, Calyx.

Kate Inskeep and Derek Davis stopped in on their way back to Boulder, Colo., after a backpacking trip in our area. Both are artists; Kate's medium is ceramics and Derek works with wood.

On their way back from an American Planning Association meeting in nearby Montrose, Katie Guthrie and Denise Henasey, of Loveland and Arvada, Colo., respectively, dropped by. They were supposed to be at a second meeting in Breckenridge 15 minutes after showing up in the office, but decided to play hooky and enjoy our beautiful corner of Colorado instead. (We hope their bosses aren't reading this.)

Matt Stenovec and Clint Kalan stopped to visit and play Ultimate Frisbee in mid-July. Matt teaches in a Nevada City, Calif.-based environmental education and sustainability program. Clint works as a backcountry ranger in Grand Canyon National Park. He'll be receiving his new HCN subscription via mule mail at the Phantom Ranch, on the canyon floor. "What's the difference between a river guide and God?" Clint asks. "God doesn't think he's a river guide."

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