Draining the budget to desalt the Colorado

February 21, 1994

Yuma Desalting Plant is boondoggle of the decade.


Draining the budget to desalt the Colorado
Yuma Desalting Plant is boondoggle of the decade.
Las Vegas wheels and deals for Colorado River water
Patricia Mulroy negotiates for Southern Nevada Water Authority.


Why Why? A stark, no-frills retreat from the world
A look at the Arizona desert town of Why.

Photo Essay

Navajo: Portrait of a Nation
Photos and short review of Joel Grimes' book, Navajo: Portrait of a Nation.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Miscelleneous, visitors, direct mail, Arizona bureau, Great Basin interns.


Painting for quieter skies
More than 100 artists donate work to "Quiet Skies," an art show that protests Taos airport expansion.
BLM chief Jim Baca leaves amidst cheers and boos
After nine months as BLM chief, Jim Baca is forced to resign amid controversy.
Jim Baca says the Department of Interior is in deep trouble
Fired BLM chief critical of his agency and Bruce Babbitt.
Will plan save or destroy the grizzly?
Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan may end up in court.
Back at the ranch
BLM raises grazing fees 12 cents.
Jackson's last letter answered
Tribal lands not exempt from Endangered Species Act, rules U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, after receiving activist Leroy Jackson's letter.
Wise use at Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon chapter of People For the West! formed.
Ideological schism leads to a personal feud
Former Forest Watch colleagues Randal O'Toole and Jeffrey St. Clair at odds.
Yucca Mountain's fault
Geological fault cuts through Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site.
Campbell sides with Telluride
Senator threatens to condemn Tom Chapman house in Colorado wilderness.
Chevron gets a go-ahead
Forest Service allows exploratory oil well in Utah's High Uintas Wilderness.
Agency reins in Wyoming rancher
Rancher George Salisbury punished for subleasing federal grazing permit.
Public foots DOE bill
Contractors cost DOE millions to defend from class action suits.
Bandelier overrun by hooves
Elk and wild cattle destroying New Mexico park.
Wise-use ordinances suffer legal setback
Boundary County land-use plan found unconstitutional.
They're fed up, and aren't going to take it anymore
Nevada Association of Counties endorses movement to turn control of federal lands over to state government.
State land lease in Idaho goes to the low bidder
Idaho Watersheds Project loses bid for public land to ranchers Will and Vangie Ingram.


Owyhee: On the eve of destruction
Bombing range threatens wild land in Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.
Wyoming lawsuit would privatize wildlife
Landowners' suit says they own wildlife on their land.


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