Idaho woods again inspire "acts of conscience'

  Summer's here and it's protesting time in the woods: Cove/Mallard Coalition's third summer of logging resistance has begun in central Idaho. Protests and civil disobedience will once again be the tools of the campaign as loggers start building the third of nine access roads into the mostly roadless area. Holding a banner that read "The Cut Stops Here," activists in June attempted to block timber cutters from moving into another section of roadless area. A logger was videotaped tearing the banner in half and felling trees in the road right-of-way; an activist was arrested for locking himself to the gate at the Noble logging road. "I love the Earth and I owe it something," said the unidentified Earth First!er. "It's payback time." On the legal front, anti-logging activists lost a round when U.S. District Court Judge Edward Lodge ordered the Idaho Sporting Congress to pay legal expenses - about $4,000 - of the Intermountain Forest Industry Association and Shearer Co. The expenses came from fighting environmentalists' lawsuits and appeals, which were brought to halt logging in the Nez Perce National Forest. Back in the Cove/Mallard Coalition office in Missoula, Earth First! contact Ramon predicts more actions. "We're starting to see individuals doing individual acts of conscience. It's not just a posture we take to save our asses."

*Shea Andersen

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