The most dangerous game

  Ron Gillett did have two interesting comments when referring to wolves: "They engage in 'sport binge killing' and "(wolves) are the most cruel, vicious animals in North America ..." (HCN, 5/12/08). I find them interesting for two reasons.

The first is that human beings (for the most part) engage in "sport binge killing" almost every time they go hunting. Around the country as a whole, most hunters are in it for sport (and binge killing) and not for food. Sounds like Ron should be (and actually is) referring to humans.

The second thing: It is the opinion of many that humans are the most vicious of animals, in North America and around the world. Without going into details about what cruelty we inflict on each other, let's go back to the fact that humans hunt for sport, usually with a high-powered rifle and from a safe distance from the prey, all for the thrill of putting the head of a dead animal on their walls at home (and to think of themselves as "manly men"). Sadly, in many cases, the hunt is solely for the sake of the kill. The dead animal is quite often left where it fell.

Congratulations -- and thanks -- to Ron Gillett. He has done more to expose the slimy underside of why many people are really interested in killing wolves than anyone could have asked for at this point.

Don Hagedorn
Columbia, South Carolina
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