Dear friends

  • Family resemblance? Chloe Thomas Hanscom and Yoda. COURTESY GREG HANSCOM



Kevin Haley, the "founder, publisher, editor, janitor and copyboy" of the San Juan Horseshoe, dropped by to say hi. The Ouray, Colo.-based parody newspaper bills itself as "Refried News for a Half-Baked World."

From Salida, Colo., came Mike Rosso, webmaster for four newspapers owned by Arkansas Valley Publishing. He said he's been reading HCN ever since the Marstons moved it to Paonia in 1983, when he sold them some of his black-and-white photos. Mike says HCN looks pretty uptown these days, and reminds us that the old days of newspapers can still be found in Saguache, Colo., where the weekly Crescent is composed on an ancient and cranky linotype machine.

The soon-to-be-former director of the Colorado Water Workshop, Peter Lavigne, dropped by the office from nearby Gunnison, Colo. Peter is hosting the 33rd annual workshop in May at Western State College, where he's also a soon-to-be-former visiting professor of environmental studies. Best wishes for your new (but as-yet-unannounced) job, Peter.


Subscriber Stephen Thoemmes of Kingman, Ariz., sent us a note regarding our recent reader survey: "One tiny suggestion: keep the damn post office from folding my issues. The magazine format is totally representative of our part of the country. A large magazine for a large country. The writing is spare like a cowboy's frame. It's tough like a coyote protecting her young. And it is elegant as the rare stream flowing through the red rocks of Navajo country." We should be so lyrical.


On March 9, Chloe Thomas Hanscom came into the world - the second child of former HCN editor Greg Hanscom and his wife, Tara Thomas, and the little sister of Lucia. We offer belated but warm congratulations to the delighted family, now residing in Baltimore.

In the first weeks after the birth, before the baby's name was chosen, "the debate (was) on" over whom the little girl most resembled, Greg wrote. "There's a little more riding on this than there might be if we'd decided what to name her, but we haven't, and so a few in the family are holding out hope that who she looks like will hold some key to what her name is. I have my own thoughts on the matter, of course: Yoda.

"I'm told that she'd never forgive me. I think I could explain: 'Yes, dear, I know none of the other girls have a name like yours, but none of the other girls were named after the kickassinest Jedi knight in the galaxy, were they?' (And really, you have to admit there's a striking resemblance, no?)" Doubtless many relatives were relieved when the parents settled on "Chloe."


Our April 28 "Nuclear Crossroads" article mistakenly stated that storage tanks are leaking at the Idaho National Laboratory. A transfer line from one of the tanks leaked 20 years ago and was repaired at the time. Contaminants from the leak have been detected in the Snake River Plain aquifer, including chromium and tritium.

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