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Know the West

Vaguely sexist?

  Having just read the (for the most part) well-written article by Matt Jenkins on Navajo water rights, I just couldn't get one phrase from the opening paragraphs out of my head (HCN, 3/17/08). He describes tribal water rights commissioner Lena Fowler as possessing a "... cool intensity and a vaguely sexy set of crow's feet at the corners of her eyes." I was wondering, how would he describe her legs? And those other guys - that Jewish Pollack the lawyer guy and the activist fellow Ron Milford - are they sexy, too? In a rugged, Western sort of way I mean. You know, jutting jaws and craggy brows furrowed from long years of squinting into the sky, skin tanned a vaguely sexy bronze? And what in the world would any of those things have to do with an otherwise interesting and (seemingly) well researched article into the looming problems of an even-more-than-usual water-starved West? Just wondering.

Bruce Pack
Gold Canyon, Arizona