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Know the West

Walk the talk, libs

  I am a native of Colorado and consider myself an environmentalist, but the anti-oil tone of modern "environmentalists," coupled with their lifestyle of hypocrisy, has alienated many independent and moderate Republicans (like myself) that would otherwise support pro-nature agendas. This isn't a taunt so much as it is a reality check from outside of the liberal community.

The world does not take modern liberal environmentalists seriously because they have proven to be incapable of changing their own lifestyle to usher in the anti-oil world they desire. Have you made a major sacrifice to decrease global warming? Have you eschewed an international vacation or domestic flight just because it would have been the right thing to do? Or opted out of a road trip just to reduce your "carbon footprint"?

The liberal environmentalist appears to be more interested in being right (about global warming) and convincing everyone they are right, rather than actually changing their own personal habits of consumption.

There are enough liberal environmentalists with cash to bring "green" values to life. Form communities that function without cars, invest in new products that bring about "green" living, or just move into a smaller home. Make your dreams a reality, rather than sitting back and chanting, "We have to do something ..."

Ed Graef
Denver, Colorado