More, more, more

  Ray Ring's Western campaign speech was a start, but I was crossing my fingers and hoping that it wouldn't be 98 percent MORE (meaning "let's generate more electricity for more people, using alternative energy sources") with only one brief mention of efficiency and conservation (HCN, 1/21/08). I also hoped it wouldn't offer the false hope we can actually make progress on CO2 emissions while adding millions more people to the already unsustainable population of the West. A big compliment for the way you couched the jobs - not creating MORE jobs, in alternative energy production, but switching from dirty carbon-based-energy jobs to clean energy jobs. And if you are customizing the speech for the West, what about water? You could also easily rewrite this speech to make the focus sustainability, and that's a message for the entire nation.

Dave Gardner
Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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