Take this wolf and shove it

  I lived in the city most of my life and like the rest of the city folks heard and believed most of the lies handed to us by the "enviroMENTALists" (HCN, 12/24/07). I now live among the ranchers of Catron County, N.M., and have horses. I moved here to enjoy this beautiful countryside while riding my horse. Now I fear my hiking/riding days will be minimized by a few who think they know what is best for those individuals who have homesteaded and live here for generations.

I have firsthand seen these families traumatized not only by the wolves themselves, but also the people who keep threatening them with lawsuits and huge fines if they try to protect their land and livestock (their livelihood). Yes, folks here are getting really sick and tired of those who don't even live here shoving these unwanted (unendangered) experimental introductory animals in every orifice in their body. We can hardly wait for their releasing two other deadly killing machines here, the grizzly and the jaguar. It does my heart real good to hear that animals are now worth much more than human lives. Ask Carnegie how he felt about the wolves while they were ripping him apart or the folks who found him afterward and were intimated by the wolf lovers and had their credibility ripped apart.

Marnie Ashby
Reserve, New Mexico
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