Uh, no bag of gold here ...

  John Dougherty's story about the Mexican wolf program left out important facts on the impact of documented wolf incidents on our children and rural families, the psychological trauma, and habituated wolves seeking out humans and human use areas (HCN, 12/24/07). The Miller family had the Durango pack documented at their home 21 times; where is that in Dougherty's biased report? Also his neighbor had the Durango pack documented at their home seven times - that is 28 times total. Do you think there is something wrong with these wolves that lack wild characteristics and put our children in harm's way? Then Dougherty stated I was a "rabid" opponent of the wolf. I never stated this, this is his own conjecture as were other statements he wrote that I purportedly said. Apparently you failed to edit this extremely biased, one-sided piece of work that is totally against the people and children of this county, and hopefully one day you will know the true facts. You have no compassion for the safety of our children, and I hope you got your bag of gold.

Jess Carey
Catron County Wolf Interaction Investigator
Reserve, New Mexico
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