Quintessential Westerner

  Dear HCN,

One item in Ed Marston's piece on Bruce Babbitt (HCN, 5/1/95) cries out for correction. It wasn't Easterners who presided over setting aside "huge tracts of Alaska as natural." It was Congressman Morris King Udall, born in Arizona, descendent of Mormon pioneers, quintessential Westerner and ultimate pragmatist.

As we listen to the ranting of ideologues on all sides, we might consider the accomplishments of this witty man, master of the art of the deal, compromiser and politician. One thing he never did was declare war on a group of people or sector of the economy. He is still alive in a VA hospital in Washington, D.C., a victim of Parkinson's. Some of us miss him a lot.

Priscilla Robinson

Tucson, Arizona

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