HCN doesn't cover the real issue

  Dear HCN,

After years of subscribing to HCN, I have decided to drop my subscription and will instead give to population groups. The United States is the third most populous nation behind China and India and 13th fastest-growing nation on Earth. The West is growing as fast as the fastest-growing areas in the world. Yet, month after month you report on problems such as endangered species and urban sprawl, and ignore the population dynamics behind those problems.

I am tired of encountering environmentalists who wrongly believe that the U.S. "has its population problem under control" or that growth in the West is solely the product of population shifts. I cannot spend the rest of my life fighting environmental battles that will be lost with the next new wave of people. I must put my money where it counts the most. Sadly, that no longer includes HCN.

Kathleene Parker

Los Alamos, New Mexico

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