Booming county looks for trust

  Fremont County, Idaho, is booming, and Grant Chandler doesn't like what he sees on the horizon. "To tell you the truth, I'm not interested in seeing another 50,000 people move in - or even another 10,000," says Chandler, current chairman of the county commission. But he acknowledges that he can't stop a development boom in what has become a vacation hot spot. That's why he showed up at a meeting this winter to learn more about land trusts. Organizer Lee Nellis, a Pocatello-based planning consultant, told a crowd of 50 that land trusts are the logical next step, after a comprehensive land-use plan gets adopted. Other communities in Idaho have aleady taken that step, including Driggs, where the Teton Valley Land Trust just acquired its first conservation easement along Teton Creek. Not everyone at the meeting bought the concept, but most were willing to listen. Said Jeff Siddoway, a local rancher, "I can't afford not to anymore."

*Dan Egan

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