Californians talk too much trash

  • Cartoon, Welcome to Kanab City Dump

    Diane Sylvain
  As co-chairs of the Kanab (Utah) Beautification Committee, California retirees Ken and Pat Nute discovered it takes more than good intentions and a little elbow grease to clean up a town. Tact would have helped, say city council members, who voted to disband the committee in March after Ken Nute flashed photos of houses he called eyesores on a local television show. "People were sitting at home and all of a sudden they see their house on TV with somebody saying it's a mess," council member Rosealie Coleman told the Salt Lake Tribune. TV show host Richard Negas recalls cringing when Nute brought out the photos. "At the time, I thought maybe this wasn't such a good way of motivating the community." The committee had planned a daylong cleanup of Kanab Creek, but the event is now on hold, and as for the Nutes - they're headed back to California. "All we wanted was to do was something good for our little community," Pat Nute says, "And then they hit us with a two-by-four." In a parting shot, Ken Nute told the town of Kanab it should change its slogan from "The Greatest Earth on Show" to "Welcome to the Kanab City Dump." "If these pigs want to live in their squalor, that's fine with me. We've had enough of their crap. We're moving."

*Elizabeth Manning

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