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Know the West

From toilet to toilet

  We need a sustainable solution to the problem of pollution (HCN, 9/17/07). Drinking endocrine disrupters is not the answer unless they help prevent population growth. Replumb our recycled sewage water into a system used for just that purpose - flushing our sewage. How many gallons of water are used during a ball game at the stadiums? How many gallons are used in all institutional settings such as schools, convention centers, hotels? All those toilets could be hooked up to a recycled sewage system. Why do we continue to irrigate our parks, golf courses, and residential landscapes with fresh water? The answer is graywater systems. Every laundromat should be subsidized to help purchase water-saving machines. Educate the mainstream population on how much water it takes to wash those super-bath-sized towels. Encourage our engineers to build water reclamation systems for hotels and residential use. Encourage builders to incorporate technology to save water.

I know the Metropolitan water district wants to sell gallons and gallons of water as do the builders of desalination plants. Saudi Arabia has no other solution and has the wealth to support this expense as well as a disregard for the environment. Please, please, please put on your thinking caps and stop throwing around the political football. This water obsession will be everyone's worst nightmare.

F. Heatherington
San Diego, California