The population bomb

  The article by Valerie Brown illustrates our country dancing around the gorilla in the kitchen (HCN, 9/3/07). No amount of mitigation for stopping climate change will work unless we stabilize population. Nothing will solve this civilization's spiral into irreversible consequences and unsolvable problems unless we stop population growth. The March 2006 population projections from Fogle/Martin show the United States growing from 300 million to 400 million by 2040. That's another 100 million people, folks! This "Human Katrina" will sweep across this nation, making our children victims or survivors. What we really need are national policies on population, carrying capacity, environmental impact, international family planning and alternative energy. Colorado stands in the crosshairs of an added 6 million people by mid-century. Name one advantage to adding 6 million people to Colorado. If we don't stop population growth, we're simply painting the deck chairs on the Titanic to make them look pretty. Educate yourself:

Frosty Wooldridge
Louisville, Colorado
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