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Know the West

Owl right, we'll try

  As a long time reader of High Country News, I have become accustomed to your quality journalism. Your feature-length investigative pieces are generally excellent. At the same time, I often find myself growing weary of all the negative environmental news. Such reports are undeniably important, yet they begin to wear on the reader after a while.

What we need is more quality pieces like "The Owl and I" in your Aug. 6 issue. Like its author, Melissa Hart, I am a freelance writer and journalism professor. As such, I recognize and appreciate quality writing.

Heart-warming, well-written articles like Professor Hart's provide a bit of balance and some hope in a sometimes-grim world. The more pieces of that nature that you find room to publish, the better High Country News will become.

Glenn Himebaugh
Murfreesboro, Tennessee