Today, Bozeman; tomorrow, Billings

  Some folks just don't want to see past the stereotypes. Regarding "The Aroma Of Tacoma" by Karen Mockler, how would Ms. Mockler like it if I advertised via a syndicated column in over 40 newspapers across the West that her town of choice, Billings, Mont., suffered perpetual Missoula insecurity syndrome and was populated by nothing more than greasy oilfield hands, hicks, rednecks and ignorant hayseeds (HCN, 7/23/07)?

As a longtime Boulderite, I think Boulder residents can be justifiably proud of all the good things she mentioned without suffering "relentless enlightenment" or joining "herds of hippies nibbling ... sacrosanct vegan concoctions" or "fitness freaks with their far-too-healthy habits."

One of these days, the arts community will discover the cheap real estate only blocks away from the Montana Brewpub and Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, and they'll turn your town into another Boulder, too. You see what's happening over in Bozeman? I'd advise you not to advertise Billings. You're next.

Evan Cantor
Boulder, Colorado
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