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Know the West

Sportsmen unite


What's with the animosity towards "good ol' boys" and "rednecks"? They are citizens, taxpayers, and put their pants on just like everyone else. I found Hal Herring's article long, but he was trying to thoroughly cover a big subject. I believe it is a fair representation of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

SFW/SFH in Idaho are effective organizations. They have been bold enough to take stands that might not have been politically correct. That is what they believe, and that is what they say. Nate Helm and company jumped into the political fray and were burned a few times, but overall they represent the views of many sportsmen. If they are not your cup of tea, find some other group to support, but the endless sniping sportsmen do to each other only weakens hunting, fishing and trapping.

Rusty Tews
Shoshone, Idaho