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Know the West

Eat what you kill


How can you devote nine grisly pages to a rant on killing animals, by a guy who discredits himself - and all reportorial objectivity - by telling us he'd love to machine-gun coyotes? Shame on you. Your cover is sickening: a fool who kills a big beautiful lion so he can mount its head in his den and brag about killing it. That cat belonged to all of us. There oughta be a law...

Edward Abbey was a gun-nut, but he made a "necessary distinction between hunters and sportsmen ... the hunter hunts out of need; the sportsman kills for pleasure. For my part, I admire the hunter and despise the sportsman."

Hunters kill game in order to eat it. SFW hates predators because they threaten trophy deer herds. But predators only kill to eat, while SFW zealots arrogantly kill for selfish and egocentric reasons. Ironically, they are the true predators. If they want to be regarded as Mighty Hunters, let them eat everything they kill. That would slow them down.

Karl Malone fits right in with this callous, disreputable bunch. He made a reputation for putting more opposing players in the hospital than any other NBA player.

Bob Wood
Sedona, Arizona