The ideology of the cancer cell


Thank you for the important article on the Verde River (HCN, 5/14/07). I do not understand Yavapai County Supervisor Carol Springer’s statement, “If we can’t grow at all in the future, because we lose our right to pump groundwater, we will cease to exist. There is no such thing as a static kind of a situation in terms of a community. You can’t not grow at all and survive. We have to have some element of growth.”

I wish he had followed up on this, pressed her. Is she saying if they don’t grow, their current water (which is adequate) will be taken away? I think not. So why do they die if they don’t grow? This makes no sense. Lots of communities have not grown and not died.

So is it that the developers who stand to make millions are contributing to her or cutting her in on the pie? Is she just an ideologue? I wish Davis had pushed the point more with her.

Crista Worthy
> Pacific Palisades, California
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