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  • New at HCN are, from left, Andrea Lecos, Shaun Gibson and Angie Riley.



Shaun Gibson, HCN’s new designer and production assistant, designs pages and promotional materials, finds photos and artwork, and helps post each issue on the Web. Shaun has spent most of his life in small towns in Colorado. His great-grandfather was a miner in Crested Butte, and his grandfather was one of the state’s first game wardens.

When not designing or taking photographs, he’s painting or making collages. And about two years ago, his lifelong passion for art became a passion of another kind. When a young woman named Myriam contacted him by e-mail about his work (at, he never guessed that a year later he’d find himself in Mexico City, marrying her. Now he’s awaiting her visa and, we hope, her speedy arrival in Paonia.

Andrea Lecos started working as a temp in our circulation department in January, handling subscription payments and customer service. She quickly made herself indispensable and is now a permanent staff member. The daughter of a journalist, she “literally grew up at a newspaper” in Wisconsin. She lived in Colorado after college, then in Virginia and Maryland, and finally came back to the state 11 years ago. “I just felt much more alive out here,” she says.

Andrea’s a true renaissance woman: With degrees in biology and landscape design, she has worked as a microbiologist, environmental consultant and landscape designer. She also enjoys visual artwork and writing, and plays the guitar and banjo in “Hard Pressed,” the musical group that she started with her husband, fiddler Cory Obert.

Since last October, Angie Riley has been selling classified ads for the magazine, helping to raise the money that makes HCN possible. Angie grew up in Lansing, Mich., and has lived all over, most recently in Telluride and Carbondale, Colo. Now, she, her husband, Gabe, and sons Sam and Sawyer are enjoying the Paonia area’s natural splendor.

To Angie, the outdoors offers innumerable opportunities to learn. With bachelor’s degrees in commercial and outdoor recreation from Central Michigan University, she’s incorporated her “get out and learn” motto into ad sales, creating a venue to advertise more conservation jobs. In the future, she’s considering a graduate degree in experiential education, taking children outside for more hands-on learning.


Reader Tara Devi Dasi of Beverly Hills, Calif., posted the following poem on our Web site in response to the March 19 “Silence of the Bees” story. Tara says, “This is just a simple reflection of the appreciation and forlornness which I have been experiencing since learning of the bee’s plight.”

I love bees.
I love their furry little legs,
Their happy little hum.
And when they are gone,
We humans will be done.


In the April 16 issue, the name of Sean Skaggs’ law firm, cited in “An endangered Endangered Species Act?” is Ebbin Moser + Skaggs. And in “Wealthy land-owners and locals wade into the ditch,” author Jack Wright heads the geography department at New Mexico State University, not the University of New Mexico.

- Jodi Peterson for the staff

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