She didn't order a sandwich, either

  I read with interest and amusement “A Wolf’s Life” by Erin Halcomb. While the age and tenacity of wolf B7 is remarkable and surely notable, there were a few inaccuracies in the story.

B7’s mate, B11, was not named “Blackfire” by the schoolchildren in Salmon. The name came from a grade school in Meridian, Idaho, as part of a wolf reintroduction propaganda campaign waged by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at taxpayer expense.

Introduction of Canadian wolves in Lemhi County, Idaho, did not receive a favorable reception. While the state stood by saying its hands were tied by the feds, the Lemhi County commissioners passed a moratorium demanding that no wolves be released in their county. Due to bad weather, the first wolves were driven over 40 miles down to the Salmon River and released in Idaho County.

And while B11 did frequent the Salmon Valley and was reported swimming the Salmon River, I did not recall, and could find no reference to her being spotted near the grade school or Subway shop in downtown Salmon.

Katie Slavin
Carmen, Idaho
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