Mecklin ha visitado a México quince veces

  “Whack-a-Mole” is Editor John Mecklin’s free expression about opposition to immigration, but if one opposes illegal aliens one is branded “xenophobic” by Mr. Mecklin. I ask Mr. Mecklin, how many times has he visited Mexico, or been billeted with blacks, Hispanics or Asians? Ever had Hispanic roommates? People that oppose illegal immigration (70 percent of Americans that were polled oppose amnesty and illegal immigration) observe the following: a negative $95 billion drain on our federal Health and Human Services budget over and above what is paid in taxes by all immigrants, yearly. A new city of 3 million is added to our population each year so a city has to be erected to accommodate the masses. What happened to the sound advice found in books like Silent Spring, The Closing Circle and The Population Bomb, which warned of overpopulation’s whack on the environment?

“Sustainable” is the latest buzzword misused by environmentalists, but when you factor in information like the U.S. has 6 percent of the world’s population and consumes 25 percent of its resources, “sustainable” is oxymoronic. It’s pretentious to call oneself environmentally responsible and be pro-immigration in an era of high consumption.

Greg Schifsky
Portland, Oregon
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