When analogies go bad

  Too bad Matt Jenkins ruined an otherwise well-researched, well-written article, “The Efficiency Paradox,” with his out-of-line comments in the sixth paragraph from the end. “Doddering snowbirds”... come on. Do doddering snowbirds walk three miles a day or hike to the bottom and back of Bryce Canyon in 90 degree heat at over 9,000 foot altitude? Doddering? Who actually uses all this water? Your article itself points out that most is used for agriculture … what has this to do with “doddering snowbirds”? Ever flown over the Phoenix area and seen all the non-“doddering” subdivisions with backyards filled with swimming pools? How about the 100-foot-high fountain in northeast Phoenix? And you talk about “doddering snowbirds” using water!

Lynne Gonzales
SaddleBrooke, Arizona
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