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  • Kate Williams, HCN lover, and 4-year-old Theron paddling



Richard Heede stopped by in early January to fill us in on his Snowmass company, Climate Mitigation Services, which can pinpoint a particular company’s contribution to climate change. In 2003, Heede completed an inventory of ExxonMobil’s emissions between 1882 and 2002. Now he’s expanding the study to the world’s 85 top corporate greenhouse gas emitters. The Exxon report is at Dave and Ann Phillips visited us from Boulder. Not for the first time: Their daughter, Sara Phillips, interned here in 1997. This time, the Phillipses were celebrating a friend’s 90th birthday in nearby Hotchkiss.

Nina Dunbar, wife of HCN editor John Mecklin, and their two children, Hali and Dunbar Mecklin, recently spent 30 hours on a train with longtime HCN subscriber Mark E. Carlson of Sacramento, Calif. They met while Mark was taking the California Zephyr to Chicago for business and Nina and the kids were returning to Paonia. All agree that for anyone who loves the West, the Zephyr is a don’t-miss journey.

And back in September, we had visitors that we never mentioned — but the slight was completely unintentional. Douglas Grann, the president of Wildlife Forever, and his wife, Karen Hollingsworth, of North Branch, Minn., came to see us after attending an Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies meeting in nearby Snowmass. They also reported “great wild times” fishing the Frying Pan and North Fork rivers. No word on the number of trout hooked.


A recent catalog for Title Nine, a women’s fitness-gear seller, featured a model named Kate who claimed that her favorite magazine was High Country News. Kate Williams, a former HCN intern (1989) and now executive director of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, also expressed a liking for homemade granola and Ivan Doig. Clearly, a woman of impeccable taste.


Several readers noted that our list of ski resorts that prohibit snowboarding should have included Vermont’s Mad River Glen. We failed to note that we were listing only board-free resorts in the West.

Eagle-eyed reader Alan Locklear of Portland, Ore., pointed out errors in our “Salmon Justice” story: Celilo Falls was not destroyed by the construction of Bonneville Dam in the 1930s, but by the filling of the reservoir behind The Dalles Dam in 1957. “Naito Park” is actually Gov. Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in Portland (where Judge Redden has his offices and courtroom) is not at the corner of Salmon and Main; rather, it’s located on the block between Salmon and Main bounded by SW 3rd and SW 4th Avenues.

—Jodi Peterson for the staff

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