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Know the West

A place of one's own


Are you thinking of buying a few acres of land to satisfy that pastoral desire? It may be more complicated than you think and not as much fun. That's why Montana has published a brief booklet for small-acreage landowners called Tips on Land & Water Management for Small Farms and Ranches in Montana. It provides basic information on issues such as fencing, wildlife habitat, land-use planning, and protecting water quality. The booklet also contains lists of organizations and government offices that can be contacted for specific problems such as installing a septic tank or controlling weeds. The Small Acreage Resource Management group, an independent group of conservationists, is helping to distribute the booklet to county planners, real estate agents and small-acreage homeowners in Montana, although landowners from out of state have also requested copies. The booklet is available from Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Box 202301, Helena, MT 59620-2301 (406/444-6667).