New leaders, new future

  I was very disappointed in the “Confessions of a Methane Floozy” article. The writer almost sounds like an energy industry hack. Her limited viewpoint and knowledge sound like another propaganda tool from the Bush administration: “You use the energy so accept the consequences.” I’m not sure where the numbers came from regarding the estimated percentage of energy demand that can be met by efficiencies and renewables, but it sounds like an energy company estimate rather than that of someone working in the renewable or design fields.

I don’t fault the author, who is trying to do the best she can on her limited knowledge. To her credit she sought out other sources, and she does mention that as long as we structure our cities the way we are, this will be our future. The status quo, though, is not an option. With the right leaders and the commitment, we can change the whole San Juan Basin scenario. This is definitely not something to just accept.

Don Killian Bozeman, Montana
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