The return of the (non) native

  In his essay on wild horses, Williams offers no facts. Instead, he merely quotes harried former BLM employees and a New York Times article to buttress his specious arguments.

Moreover, speaking from his presumably well-informed New England Audubon landscape, known perhaps somewhere for the wild horses of which he blithely opines, the kernel of his argument is his repeatedly taking issue with the well-intentioned, albeit erroneous, declarations from wild horse advocates that “horses are native to North America.” Inasmuch as there are few things truly native — including ourselves — to this continent, I struggle to find the point of his polemic. Pray tell, the wild horses are now here and have been here for hundreds of years. The fact that they may, or may not, have primordial antecedents matters how?

Mauricio R. Hernandez
Gardnerville, Nevada

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