So where does that leave Marie Antoinette?

  I am always appreciative of those narrow-minded, ignorant folks who see themselves as bigots and fascists when they openly declare themselves as such. So it is with much thanks that I welcome the neon sign that Laura Pritchett has placed on her forehead blinking "FASCIST" — it will warn others to stay away from her. She joins all other totalitarians that regularly get lionized in HCN, who are so sure of themselves that they are not content to simply make decisions about how they live their own lives, but who insist on telling everyone else how to live theirs too.

Let me get this straight, though. Ms. Pritchett, you live outside of town on presumably more than 1/8 of an acre — with all the drain on the earth that entails, and live in a 2,000-square-foot house (you’d better have at least four people there with you lest you live against your own accords). For the record, I own a 9-year-old car and live in a townhouse of some 1,100 square feet in a development that has 16 other townhomes all on less than one-half of an acre — and feel no compulsion to declare myself dictator, but I share your loathing in that I loathe you and your fascist point of view. I assure you that hell will be full of people like you who dare to dictate to others how to live their lives. You will be queen of hell’s inner circle.

R. Barry Crook
Aspen, Colorado

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