The other side of the story

  Being a faithful subscriber to the High Country News, I read your Oct. 2 article about The Horse Fly. It contains many inaccuracies. For example, the article talks about Taos Pueblo’s proposed casino at the Kachina Lodge near downtown. It quotes Bill Whaley, proprietor of The Horse Fly, as saying: "The Taos News wouldn’t touch the story, because it was deemed politically incorrect to call the Pueblo to task." We did touch the story. My publisher took a rough count for the year of 1999. We had 20 stories on the casino project — many on page 1, three editorials, two editorial cartoons, more than a dozen guest opinion pieces — both pro and con. In fact, our coverage caused us to lose a significant amount of advertising from the Pueblo.

Also, contrary to what your article states, we covered the local Democratic chairman’s subdivision violations, even though he had sued us for libel (we ultimately won the suit and collected a settlement from the chairman).

You should check your source’s statements before you print them. The good thing about "traditional" community newspapers is that we make a big effort to print both sides of the story.

Robin Martin
Owner, The Taos News
Nambé, New Mexico

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