Burning money



$1.2 billion Total cost, as of Oct. 2, for fighting fires in the U.S. this year.

$36 Per person, per hour rate for Lost River Fire Management, a contract firefighting business based in Colville, Wash.

$14.91 Cost of each sack lunch from D.F. Zee’s Firefighter Catering in Springfield, Ore.

$6,104 Hourly flight rate for an airtanker hired from Aero Union for wildland firefighting.

$10.25 Cost per gallon of iced tea purchased for firefighting crews from For Stars Express, Inc., a Segundo, Calif., caterer.

$3,250 Daily rate for a mobile shower facilities unit from AAA Mobile Showers, based out of Diamond Springs, Calif.

834 Total number of people fighting the 97,320 acre Bar Complex fire in Northern California, as of Oct. 3.

$5,894 Hourly flight rate for a Boeing BV-234 helicopter.

$4.60 Average price per gallon for helicopter fuel.

88 Number of gallons of fuel burned per hour by the Bell 205A-1 helicopter.

Source: National Interagency Fire Center

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