Some 'canned' elk get uncanned


Although most of its neighbors have either banned or begun phasing out elk farms, the state of Idaho is still home to more than 70, with some charging shooters thousands of dollars to bag fenced, domesticated game. In August, as many as 160 elk escaped from an Idaho canned-hunt operation near Yellowstone National Park. It took weeks for the news to surface, but once it did, wildlife officials, worried that the escapees would breed with wild elk and spread diseases and undesirable genetic traits, authorized special hunts. They killed a couple dozen of the escapees and recaptured about 40 others, but the rest are still at large. Despite the crisis, on Sept. 21, ex-pro football player Rulon Jones got permission to open a new, 2,000-acre canned-hunt operation in Bingham County, Idaho. But the county wants Jones to enclose his elk within two fences, instead of just one. Allen Jensen, head of the county’s Planning and Zoning Department, told the Idaho Falls Post-Register, "The double fence is a reasonable requirement."


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