Enviros avoid the real problem

  "Reborn" by Jonathan Thompson in your Sept. 4, 2006, issue beautifully displayed the intellectual dishonesty of the environmental movement, as exemplified by Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore.

Neither friends nor enemies of the environment want to reduce demand by "talking about population control or conservation measures. ..." Instead, they want to build nuclear power plants to generate the projected needed electricity because nuclear power does not emit greenhouse gases.

It is the growing populations of the West, the U.S. and the World that are responsible for the increase each year in the emission of greenhouse gases, and no probable construction of nuclear plants is likely to reverse this. And, as Thompson points out, the completion "of one nuclear plant each week for the next 25 years" will present an enormous portfolio of new problems.

Thompson was kind when he said "it is difficult to believe that Moore’s choice is the only one." Moore’s choice is a clear disaster. All proposals to slow global warming or to move toward sustainability are serious intellectual frauds if they do not advocate reducing population to a sustainable level at the local, national and global scales. Will environmentalists ever learn?

Albert Allen Bartlett
Boulder, Colorado

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