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Note: This article is a sidebar to one of this issue's feature stories, "Radio: Spice for the ears," in a special issue about community media in the West.

Connecting Communities

Five Northern California stations used satellite technology to string together a temporary network in mid-July. The Seven Rivers Radio Network hosted a two-hour, live call-in show on sustainability and local self-reliance. The simulcast bounced from station to station; the first hour showcased guests from each community, discussing topics like sustainable building and local food production; an hour of listener call-ins followed.

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East Comes West

Hosted by comedian Margaret Cho and actor George Takei (who played Sulu on Star Trek), Crossing East is billed as the "first public radio series on Asian-American history." Portland, Ore.-based Media Rites produced eight one-hour documentaries now airing on some 210 public radio stations nationwide. "Some undecided programmers have told me, ‘We don’t have any Asian listeners,’ " executive producer Dmae Roberts says. "I tell them, ‘This isn’t just for Asians. This is for everyone else.’ "

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Good News

Radio listeners looking for a little pick-me-up can tune into Good Dirt Radio produced out of Cosmix Sound Studio in Durango, Colo. The monthly five-minute modules profile individuals with positive solutions to environmental issues. "There’s so much bad news out there," says the program’s founding producer Gary Lewin. "We’re trying to promote the folks who are doing good things." Good Dirt Radio currently airs on several public radio and community stations in Colorado and is trying to expand nationally.

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