A modest proposal

  Utah county commissioners passed wilderness recommendations on to Gov. Mike Leavitt March 31, and, as expected, they didn't ask for much. The counties recommended about 1 million acres of Bureau of Land Management wilderness - about half what the BLM itself recommended and one-sixth of that urged by the Utah Wilderness Coalition. The counties left out many areas targeted by environmentalists, including Cedar Mesa, the Henry Mountains, the Kaiparowits Plateau and the Dirty Devil drainage. Beaver and Wayne counties recommended no wilderness, while Emery and Grand counties recommended several types of less protective management in order to shield industries such as mining and recreation. The counties forwarded their recommendations after conducting public hearings in March (HCN, 3/20/95). Following five regional meetings in mid-April, Utah's congressional delegation plans to introduce a bill June 1. Two congressional field hearings on the legislation will be held in June. For more information, call the governor's office at 801/538-1027.

* Jeff Schmerker

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