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Tough luck, planners


The "Taking Liberties" article is completely overblown (HCN, 7/24/06: Taking Liberties). I have filed and won a Measure 37 claim, so I have some experience with this. The sky is not falling, folks. Life in Oregon goes on as before, for 99 percent of the people. No, everyone is not finding a trailer park or gravel pit appearing next door. Think about it; the market simply would not support it. How many gravel pits does the world need?

I had a 93-acre place and wanted to sell half of it to my neighbor, who has a tree farm. State wouldn’t let me, because "farmland" can’t be taken below 80 acres. Is that a crock, or what? No development was involved here, just a transfer from one neighbor to another. Measure 37 let me do it.

Freedom is scary, if you are not used to it. But it gets more enjoyable as you go along, and the alternative is nothing to wish for. Oh, that 1 percent who are worse off due to Measure 37? The planners. They sure don’t like having fetters on their ability to tell you what to do. Tough luck.

Posted by PaulBx1