Measure 37 a wake-up call


As an Oregon voter, I strongly support Measure 37 (HCN, 7/24/06). Do I think it solves everything about land use? Of course not. Will it need revision in the future? Certainly. So why do I support it? Because it forces government at all levels to pause and think about what they are doing. In some areas of Oregon, we have federal, state, regional, county and city governments. And if you live in a planned development, probably a homeowners' association as well. These entities, no matter how small, all seem to share a human drive for more income and more control.

So when a city sees an opportunity to "permanently" increase property tax revenue by taking an individual's property and diverting it for use by others with more money to invest (Kelo), it rankles. When a homeowners' association president can prevent owners of a 4-acre lot from building a house with the best view of the mountains, it frustrates. When an opportunity comes to issue a wake-up call, seize it.

Bill Pound
Black Butte Ranch, Oregon

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