Is It or Isn't It (Just Another Mouse)?

August 7, 2006

The science behind endangered species is extremely complicated, as seen in the clash between biologist Rob Roy Ramey II and geneticist Tim King over whether Preble’s meadow jumping mouse in Colorado is truly a legitimate subspecies deserving protection. Also in this issue: New Mexico and other Western states are eagerly vying to get into the movie business, offering film companies an assortment of tax breaks and financial incentives.


Is It or Isn’t It (Just Another Mouse)?
As scientists clash over the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse's biological categorization, the complexity of endangered species science steps into the light


A few scientific definitions
Terms commonly used in endangered species discussions – species, subspecies and distinct population segment – are explained

Editor's Note

Playing God in suburbia
Is it really true that the U.S. has no choice but to employ a harsh form of triage in deciding which endangered species should live, and which must die?

Uncommon Westerners

Where there's fire, there's global warming
Climate scientist Anthony Westerling is working to illuminate the connection between rising global temperatures and the increasing ferocity of the West’s forest fires


‘There was just some hard hittin’ going on’
‘There was just some hard hittin’ going on’
Matt Jenkins visits the annual Combine Demolition Derby in the tiny farming town of Lind, Wash.


'You've got me wrong': A Conversation with Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth
Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth talks about how his agency has changed over the years, defending current forest management policies as well as the Service’s dealings with the energy industry


Worlds converge in energy's shadow
Photographer Jared Boyd spends a day with Navajo Alice Benally, who lives less than a mile from the Four Corners Power Plant but only received electricity last year


Why did Norton really leave Interior?
If outgoing Interior Secretary Gale Norton didn’t receive a push out the door, she certainly deserved one after her involvement in the sleazy Jack Abramoff scandal

Writers on the Range

There was no green in this Rainbow gathering
A rancher whose grazing permit in Colorado’s Routt National Forest was usurped by this year’s Rainbow Family gathering decries the environmental damage left in its wake

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Lake Powell is draining itself; Geraldine Perkins’ New Mexico gossip column; a really hungry – and thirsty – bear cub; mammals on the grille; python vs. electric blanket; 911 is not a dating service

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Four more pages in this HCN; Beemers & dreamers; corrections


Hollywood heads east
New Mexico and other Western states are vying for ascendancy in the film industry, offering movie makers an assortment of tax breaks and financial incentives

Two Weeks in the West

Two Weeks in the West
Dying aspens; healthier Gila trout; salmon blamed for electric bills; greens and motorheads reach wilderness entente; last big anti-Grand Staircase lawsuit tossed out; Southern Nevada Water Authority buys Warm Springs Ranch; Data: Water can soak you; and


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