We can do better for immigrants


Thank you for your in-depth articles regarding Mexican immigrants’ desire for a better life through better pay here in the U.S. (HCN, 5/15/06).

The existing U.S. immigration policies for those entering legally and illegally are abysmal and need to be changed. Let us not forget that we, as a country, were all immigrants once. We should have straightforward immigration laws — fair and orderly rules for adults and children to enter in and become citizens of our country. The House bill treats illegals as criminals, and the Senate bill is still not good enough. We can do better for those wanting to live and work in "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Give your representatives your piece of mind now and in November. Our country needs immigrants, and they need us. Let’s find a common ground!

Dick Schaffer
Bisbee, Arizona

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