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Know the West

Is everyone a journalist?

  I was one who applauded HCN’s graphics changes as they were being introduced, but you do seem to have overdone it with the March 20 issue, and not just in terms of graphics: Color the articles by John Fayhee "yellow."

According to Fayhee, Realtors are nothing but ex-bartenders and/or day-laborers who got licensed online with little effort or expense. (I wish I had known that before I sat through all those tedious classes on law, appraisal, ethics, business, etc., and surely before I sat for that daylong examination. I wonder if this means I don’t have to take all those update courses the Colorado Real Estate Commission keeps insisting on. Maybe I can get a rebate on the costs I incurred for books and office rentals and desk fees and insurance and association membership and advertising and the heartache and thousand natural shocks that real estate is heir to.)

Let’s get this straight: Professional Realtors are not salespeople; they don’t buy or sell anything, not as Realtors. Buyers buy; sellers sell. The job of the Realtor is to bring an often stressful, confusing and hazardous process to a mutually beneficial and satisfying conclusion.

OK, I’ll grant you there are unprincipled Realtors; there are lazy Realtors; there are Realtors who think of themselves as salespeople. There are also beer-guzzling yahoos who think of themselves as journalists.

Edward Ashby
Delta, Colorado