Reforming Stalling


Regarding David Stalling’s piece about being a gay, wolf-loving, tree-hugging, former Marine elk hunter — David, I’m inviting you to make the short drive from Missoula to have dinner at my house (HCN, 3/6/06: In hunting camp, the closet is closed). We are a happily married, heterosexual couple, and I’m certain we can help you see the error in your lifestyle. One taste of my husband’s Smoky Mexican Lasagna and you’ll become an avowed vegetarian. Oh ... the gay issue? We couldn’t care less.

Regarding the "Keep buffalo corralled" letter in the same issue, wherein unfenced Yellowstone park is compared to a ranch and wild, migratory bison to beef cattle — well, let’s just hope that the writer doesn’t have land or animals in her care. It’s clear she understands neither.

Kathleen Stachowski
Lolo, Montana

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