Aspen is far from green


Regarding your recent story on global warming, lest your readers think Diesel Fumes, Colo., (also known as Aspen) is environmental, let me assure them it is not (HCN, 3/6/06: Save Our Snow). Mayor Klanderud has been in office for six years, and under her leadership, the city council has approved the most development projects ever, guaranteeing diesel fume emissions for some time to come. In 1999, the city issued 269 building permits for a total of 284,305 square feet. In 2005, it issued 752 permits for a total of 1,307,426 square feet.

Recently, the city "resolved" its particulate pollution issue by moving the pollution monitor from a location 10 feet above and next to Main Street to a building almost a block from Main Street, which puts the monitor 40 feet in the air. The only thing "green" in Aspen is the smoke coming from city hall politicians.

Ron Thompson
Aspen, Colorado

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