Editorial an exercise in hypocrisy

  Congratulations on your editorial concerning Western land sales (HCN, 1/23/06: For sale: The West). You succeeded in insulting a sizeable group of hardworking people in your own community.

I find it somewhat ironic that right next to an article blasting the announcement of new Realtors who have joined our local Paonia real estate firms is a self-serving article with photos of two new interns who recently joined the staff of your newspaper. Should we refer to their photos as "mugs" also? Or how about the real estate classified ad in the same edition that advertises a Paonia commercial building as the "former home of High Country News"? Do you consider that to be a relevant fact, or rather an attempt to trigger an emotional response from your readers — similar to the "classic Western charm" statement which you accuse us Realtors of using? Should we also assume your statement of fact re: rotting foundation or crooked floors pertains to this building also? Or does the fact that it is owned by your former publisher somehow make this different? How about the fact that when your current publisher sold his own little piece of Paonia charm he demanded every penny of its high value in an increasing market? If this isn’t the epitome of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is!

I assure you that many of our more reasoned and mature clients recognize the value of our services. An experienced and dedicated Realtor often guides buyers and sellers through one of the most important transactions of their lives. Yes, there are instances of less than professional performance — but this is true of many industries.

Unfortunately, I would submit your editorial as one example in your field.

Bob Lario
Broker-Owner, Re/Max Mountain West
Paonia, Colorado

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