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  • Janiec Gutierrez sells display ads for HCN

    Kerri Brown


Janiec (rhymes with "Denise") Gutierrez is the newest addition to our marketing department and is responsible for advertising sales. Janiec, a native of Southern California, moved to town last May after becoming engaged to a Paonian she met in Germany, where they were both working in the outdoor industry. She enjoys the pink sunsets on snow-covered Mount Lamborn, a local peak.


Since the holidays, only one intrepid reader has braved the Paonian winter to visit the HCN office. V.B. Price of Albuquerque, N.M., is a poet, columnist, and faculty member at the University of New Mexico. He’s writing a book titled An Environmental Accounting of New Mexico Since the Manhattan Project.


Ever read something on the HCN Web site,, and wanted to toss in your two cents’ worth? Now, you can: Click the "Discussion" link at the top of each article to see what other readers have said and contribute your own thoughts. You can also send a letter directly to the editors.


Dan Egan, an HCN intern in 1991, recently won the 2005 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism. In the newspaper category, Egan was recognized for his three-part series on the Great Lakes, "Troubled Waters: The Great Invasion." The series, which ran in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, also won the National Headliner Award for Health-Medical-Science Writing and the Inland Press Association Award for Explanatory Reporting. Nice work, Dan!


Several High Country News readers were inducted into the Aspen, Colo., Hall of Fame in January. Self-proclaimed "rabble-rouser" Connie Harvey and fellow activist Dottie Fox were instrumental in the passage of wilderness bills protecting national forests surrounding Aspen. Connie, 73 — who is the mother of HCN board member Mark Harvey — also spearheaded a county open space program, and writes an environmental column for the Aspen Daily News. Also honored were Nick and Maggie DeWolf, for their longtime community support of the arts and sciences.


Steve Snyder of Lancaster, Texas, wrote about our column on the shady doings of lobbyist Jack Abramoff (HCN, 11/28/05: In Washington, the most outrageous sins are legal): "While Republicans are indeed the primary violators, they’re not the only ones. Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., ranking member on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies, said he’ll return more than $60,000 in donations that he received from tribes represented by ‘Smiling Jack.’ Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., also got more than $60,000 from some of Abramoff’s tribal clients."

A person who clearly cares about all of the West, Rob Cifelli of Fort Collins, Colo., wrote: "I often wonder why you describe HCN as covering only ‘the 11 Western states.’ It seems that your coverage is defined much more by climate and geography than state boundaries. Perhaps a better defining boundary would be the 100th Meridian?"

We know the description is a tad simplistic; we do stray into the Plains states on occasion. But the 11 Western states are the ones we cover consistently.

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